Eterna collections

What lasts eternally? Superb craftsmanship. Striving for perfection. Never resting on our laurels, seeking new goals, searching out the right path. For one and a half centuries, Eterna's watchmakers have been working with unerring dedication and meticulous care to develop and manufacture their masterpieces. The company sticks with its current course, putting its long traditions at the service of progress both technical and aesthetic. It sees each and every one of its watches as an opportunity to demonstrate its vigorous capacity for innovation in the clasic art of watchmaking. Eterna, perfection that stands the test of time. But to discover what a piece of perfection feels like, what better way could there be that to wear it on your own wrist?
  Serene elegance, ultimate reliability 
  Spirit of a timeless elegant understatment. 
  A milestone enhanced 
  The return of a classic among classics  
  A name that hints at exotic adventures 
  Quartz, a solid tradition 
  A diamond for every woman. 

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